Visit Bergen / the short guide/

Visit Bergen

Bergen is Norway’s second-biggest city. Lying on the southwestern coast, this city’s geographical location
features rolling hills and attractive fjords. Even before you reach the stunning seaside, the monuments,
architectural designs, and museums are some the things that will quickly capture your attention.
Bergen is an outstanding city that offers visitors various sightseeing locations. The natural harbor, as well as
its idyllic setting, have made it a major tourist hotspot. Besides that, it also a cultural destination. Year in
year out, Bergen hosts several music festivals and art events. By exploring different parts of this city, you
can easily go back in time. Note that you can move around by foot or bus. Alternatively, you can use the
Segway! If you are interested in Bergen sightseeing tours, here are some of the top attractions.

Visit Bergen Fish Market (Fisketorget)

This is one of the most visited places in Bergen. The fish market is usually filled with tourists and locals as
well. The picturesque outdoor market is famous for selling fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables. Its
convenient location, right between the 7 mountains and the fjords, has made it a highly attractive site.
Bergen Fish Market is not only filled with edibles but it’s also rich in history. Established in 1200s as a
meeting point for fishermen and merchants, this market has grown over the centuries to become a thriving
outdoors market. Bergen Fish Market is also one of the most important places for farmers who sell groceries.
Note that some of these stalls also function as eateries. What makes it a popular attraction site is the wide
array of products. There are also people from various demographics. As a result, you can sample a broad
range of edibles while interacting with people from different backgrounds.


There is no any Bergen sightseeing tour that is complete without visiting Bryggen. It’s one of the top
attractions in Norway. Bryggen is a UNESCO-listed site with history that dates back to 1702. This historical
site was constructed after the first buildings in Bergen caught fire and were reduced to ashes.
The designated World Heritage City features Hanseatic Wharfs. Its beautiful wooden façade as the
alleyways offer visitors a whole new experience. The Hanseatic Museum also highlights features of ancient
life. Besides that, it gives a brief overview of the Hanseatic League and the type of business transactions that
used to be held here. Bryggen is a tourist magnet with a beautiful photogenic façade as well as touristic

KODE Art Museums

This is one of the largest art museums in Norway. It’s clear that KODE is a popular attraction in Bergen
thanks to the wide variety of music collection, design materials, and art. The extensive masterpiece
collection features items from Pablo Picasso, JC Dahl, and Edvard Munch among others.

Check Out Bergen Cathedral

This is a historical monument with reference dating back to 1181. Bergen Cathedral started as a monastic
church although it was rebuilt in 1623 after burning. Its present façade was built in 1640 with more
renovations being made in the 1880s. This church has a turbulent history hence it’s only open to the public
for a limited amount of time.

Explore the Old Voss Railway Museum

This station always to go back in time with its classic steam locomotive. The 10-wheeler allows you to get a
personalized experience of this ancient locomotive with teak coaches. Old Voss Railway Museum is a
summer attraction that usually draws hundreds of tourists annually.
The historic railway line was first designed to serve Bergen and Voss. However, it was later upgraded in
order to serve the larger Bergen-Oslo line. Although referring to it’s as a museum can be misleading, this is a
railway line with a lot of history. Note that it was retired in the 1960s after a shorter alternative route was

Visit the Fascinating Bergen Aquarium

If you are interested in exploring aquatic life, then this aquarium has everything that you need. From the
sneaky crocodiles to snakes, Bergen aquarium has an abundance of aquatic species. It consists of over 50
tanks which perfectly host these creatures.
This aquarium has a unique collection of fish, odd monkeys, seaweed, and even sea lion. It’s a fascinating
place which safely offers close-up views of some of the most dangerous water creatures. The screenings,
shows, and demonstrations are some of the things which normally fascinate tourists.

Bergenhus Fortress

This is one of the best places to enjoy a cool Bergen sightseeing tour while learning about history.
Bergenhus is an old fortress that was built around 1240. It’s located right on the central part of Bergen,
therefore offering visitors the much-needed convenience.
As one of the most preserved medieval buildings in Norway, this fortress is a spectacular attraction to
behold. It boasts of classic internal infrastructure as well as intact interior design. It also includes secular
buildings such as Rosenkrantz Tower and Haakon’s Hall.
Taking a tour through this fortress, you will come across dark isolated dungeons. There are also ancient
cannons used by soldiers with the vast grounds providing a breath of fresh air. The combination of lush
green environment, as well as the historic fortress, create an attractive site that’s not worth missing out.

Take a Hike in Stoltzekleiven

This is a steep paved trail with stairs. Covering almost 722 steps, Stoltzekleiven is one of the best places to
go for an evening stroll. This popular hike route is divided into two parts: the easy leg and challenging leg.
Starting at Fjellveien and ending up at Stoltzekleiven, the hiking trail offers picturesque views of the
surrounding area. For instance, you can get stunning glimpses of Byfjorden and Sandiviken. Remember that
the higher you go, the better the views.

Final Thoughts

Bergen has been around for centuries. It is a capital that has been present while Norway underwent
influential changes. This picturesque city is rich in history that is preserved in its museums, architecture, and
culture. Although it is an important economic center, Bergen city is still one of the most breathtaking places
you will ever be to.